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Alarm clock robot!


So I've tried making an alarm clock robot from the LMR First Robot, and it works kind off, so I'll try to make it look more sophisticated. Now it just looks like a speaker and batteries on a plate with some wires, here's what I'm thinking of doing with it (don't think thats proper english, hmm):


So it'll have 2 wheels+electromotor, 1 on each side, a 7-LED Display, 4 buttons to adjust the timer, and 1 to shut off the alarm. The frame should be transparent, so I can put some blue LED's in it.

But I'm still wondering how I'll get a frame like this O_o I'm also not sure about power supply, definitely not 4x1.2V batteries, they take so much place. I'll use the PICAXE 28x1 from the starter pack, it's all I got, but perhaps a second microcontroller is required to get the alarm sound and the timer display running at the same time, am I right?

So what will it do? It will wake up up when u need to! At the moment with a rrreeeeaaalllyyy ennoying sound, and ofcourse it drives away while doing so, you'll HAVE to wake up! But if I can get a soundcard somewhere, and learn how to play with those sounds, I'll consider adding a 5th button to change sounds of the alarm, but it'll still drive away.

So thats the project in my head right now. Pretty big for me, considering the fact that I haven't done much electronics in my life yet, so I'll struggle with a lot of stuff probably :)

Thanks for reading and feel free to throw in some advice/suggestions =) PS: I'll try to make a video of the existing alarm clock robot tomorrow, just to give you an idea.

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