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Camera Bot

I wanted to build a robot that would spin the camera while taking time-lapse photos

It worked but geeze, what an ugly contraption . . .




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The cool thing about yours vs an egg timer is that yours is totally programmable - stop, speed up a bit, move backwards... However you want. Add another tilt servo and you have pan/tilt capture. I know the tilt would have limited resolution like that but still cool.


     Well, I woke up knowing this might be my last day at work - but this makes me feel good

     Thanks lumi - I needed that

     Thanks also CC - brilliantly simple idea - inspiring



Ugly or not, that's the opinion of the observer. Important is that it does the task it was designed for :-) And besides this you might have a learning experience by building that rig...the mechanism to move the platform is just awesome in design.