Let's Make Robots!

Desk Bot


Still a work in progress.


When finished it will roam  around my desktop at the office.  Currently need to fabricate a bracket for the sensor array in the front.  I am still deciding on two sensors arrays Robot 7-way Multi Tracking Sensor from http://Yourdunio.com     or Line Follow sensor bar from  http://rocketbrandstudios.com/.  The Robot 7-Way would be ideal because of the bumper switch.  Problem is that I would have to turn a few sensors off because of the limitation on the Arduino Micro Magician.  Will probably use the thick plastic to build the bracket.  Have tried a few variations but they didn't hold up well. 

I plan on moving the batteries in front of the gears and motors after adding a solar panel; to the top.  Still researching the correct setup to not charge the batteries till they are low.  Have been able to create  a diode setup so that the battery doesn't drain when the solar panel isn't charging(in the dark).. 



Have had problems getting the program to accept IR over sensors.  When I wok\rk ti out the robot will sense an IR command and stop autonomous activity until 5 minutes after last remote entry.  Will also stop the robot to sleep for 5 to 60 minutes and operate for 2 to 10 minutes so it isn't always moving. 

 Will update as I finish up different pieces.