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Electric Wheel Barrow

Tethered remote Moves up to 300lbs

My goal is to make a remote wheel barrow. I was able to get the power chair for $75. Everything works except it needed batteries. Cost varies from $100 for 1 U! 35AH batteries plus shipment to $80 each locally. The chair has two separate motors for the two wheels. This makes it ideal for conversion since no steering control is needed. I haven't had to do any work. The controller came off the arm rest with screws and is 6ft long. My son in-law is a metal fabricator so he took a pipe the size of the seat attachment and added a 2ft by 3ft rack. It drives very well over rough gravel. I did add some tire puncture goop to the tires in case of thorns. To do. A summer project. Build a voltage regulator to drop the 24v to 5v for an Arduino or similar controller. Add remote control. I am also looking for a cheap actuator that can lift 300 lbs so I can put a wheel barrow on the top and be able to lift it by remote. I figure it will be easy to convert the current controller to remote since the wiring is mostly in place all ready. I am sure I will be asking questions on the power conversion and how best to remote control 24v connections. .