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Ever hack or use a non-contact digital thermometer?

Something like this that runs about $18US on eBay/DX?  I read an old brochure for an Androbot BOB that specified that it found humans in a room by detecting body temperature.  That would be a lot more useful than a PIR sensor for finding people in Serv-O (and would make a great excuse to buy some cheap electronics and tear them up.)  I'm guessing that the innards are pretty standard, either 3v3 or 5v with an analog signal somewhere out of the sensor.  It would be a lot cheaper than the Parallax sensor at least.  I just wonder what the range is on one of these.  It says between 8:1 and 20:1 spot range, which is more about how much surface area is being measured than how far away it's effective if it's anything like my Sekonic light meter.  Insights/ideas from the robot elders here would be welcome!

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found this . you may be able to glem some info from this sparkfun product , in order to hack it . from this info it has PMW output and 2iC also there is some code and links in the product coments . i don't know how good the links are i did not try them :D

I saw one like that on eBay too. I assume that since the sensor is more expensive than the hand held unit that it will be a cheapie version of this. It might have i2c still though. Anyway, I ended up getting one for about $10 so I'll tip/walkthrough any success I have. If I just ruin it then I'll probably pretend I never posted this.

No pun intended.  Thanks for the info, Bird!  I'll see what I can do with one.

we would use those. we had to check their calibration weekly. useful range should be 5 maybe 10 feet max.