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Bamboo Flooring??

Okay I do not have a lot of fancy equipment no CNC or 3d print devices.  I am wondering if anyone has tried to work with Bamboo flooring to build robot parts.  I have a large set of tips for my Dremel tool.  There are various sizes on the HomeDepot website of Bamboo flooring.  From 3/8 9/16, and 5/8 thickness. With anywhere from 3.75in to 4.75in width.    My first few project wouldn't have any sharp edges mostly 90 deg.  


If there is a better product that would work well with Dremel?  How easy is it to get and cost?  I searched on bamboo in the forum and most of the entries revolved around round bamboo. 








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I have used bamboo chopsticks to make a robot and Frits uses paint sticks all the time.

All you need is large amounts of hot glue and polymorph.