Let's Make Robots!

Break old stuff, build new stuff

Give utility to wasted material.

     Hi guys!

      I got ten days of holiday lol . So, what to do with this time? Cut the grass! Well, this task is ready... Then, let's make some robotic stuff!

     I think many people (like me) started with robotic disassembling some electronics. And today I remembered that I have a box with a lot of wasted material, which after I get some servos and other "modern pieces", forgot the old school method of making robots.



     Above, you see good DC and stepper motors, gears, pulleys, belts, axles, worm gears. These pieces was removed from printers, CD player, VHS tape player, cassette tape player. Not showed on the images, but was also removed good screw and nuts and electronic components.

     The circular piece of aluminium that you see on the two first pics is a "head" of a VHS tape player ( I don't know if in English this word - head - will sound good as the equivalent in Portuguese - cabeçote). It has a shaft with two ball bearings and I'm thinking to use this as a base of a robotic arm.


     These good wheels was removed from a printer. These are the rollers which pull the paper.



     Well, with wheels, DC motors, pulleys, belts... I decided to make a pulley and belt reduction.

     I'm a lucky man! The good pulleys and belts have in pairs! I intend to use them in a kind of "start here robot", when arrive the L293D ic and the HC-SR04 that I ordered.


     Below you see the construction of my pulley/belt reduction.


    Now I got to test the torque of the reduction.


     These piece was removed from a 80's cassette tape player. Will be used as a third wheel.



    Summarizing, the objective of this post is to show that we can make cool stuff with things that have lost their usefulness for which they were created.

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I am yet to try the old school method of tying to make a robot. I've got lots of spare time after next week and this is festive season in India with a lot of holidays. So now, I can look forward to doing something creative...

Some, of the best robots I ever seen, are made from reutilized materials. Have a nice robotic holiday!

I forgot to mention on the post, but the hands of Godo_mini was made of a reutilized HP printer cover.


I think this format corrugated plastic gives it a nice look.

Remove, Repair, Reassemble, Reuse, Robotify.
We all did it - we all do it - we'll all be doing it.
Thank you for manifesting that.

Thant's the spirit. Re-use the parts which are already marked as waste and give the a new purpose of existence...and then...a new robot is born :-)