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letsmakerobots - motor connections using atemega32,l293d

here is the code for microcontroller atmega32

#include <avr/io.h>

#include <util/delay.h>

int main(void)


DDRC = 0x0F;



PORTC = 0b00000101;


PORTC = 0b00001010;




i just want to complete the circuit for pin1,pint9 and pin16 l293d wires to be connect in breadboard or microcontoller pins ?

can someone help me to spin motor connections using atemega32,l293d ? i am not able understand how to connect micontroller with pin 1 and pin 9 of l293d means to set the pin enable ,which pins of microcontroller to be connected with those pin1 and pin 9 of l293d ?

i have the images of connections of motor ,battery, programmer and breadboard. i am connecting l293d motor output with microcontroller PORTC pins (PC0…PC3). i have connected pin 8 of l293d with battery. but not able to understand how and where to connect pin1 and pin9 and pin 16 of l293d with the atemega32 on my breadboard ? can anybody help me ?

I am not using adruino.

Just want to know where the connection will go from pin 1 and pin 9 and pin 16 of l293d to atmega32 on breadboard.can any one help me with pictures on breadboard ?

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If you aren't using Arduino, then you'll have to program the Mega in some other way-can you show us the code you intend to load onto the micro?

Pin 16 on the L293D is the logic voltage pin. Hook it up to your 5V source.

That's a wider DIP than you usually see on a Mega.  I don't know if the pinout is the same as the ones used in non SMD Arduinos.  Also, you might want to use shorter wires to keep track of things.  It's hard enough to tell when all your connections are made on the breadboard when it's in front of you with long wires.  In a photo it's nearly impossible.  Not to mention that it's just good practice to keep every signal path as short as possible.  Otherwise do what Bird says-put a PWM pin on each enable.  Fizikus' Ar-DU has an example of one implementation of this.

to a couple PWM pins. If you look for code for robots that use the 293/754410, you will know what pins to use.