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letsmakerobots - motor connections using atemega32,l293d

here is the code for microcontroller atmega32

#include <avr/io.h>

#include <util/delay.h>

int main(void)


DDRC = 0x0F;



PORTC = 0b00000101;


PORTC = 0b00001010;




i just want to complete the circuit for pin1,pint9 and pin16 l293d wires to be connect in breadboard or microcontoller pins ?

can someone help me to spin motor connections using atemega32,l293d ? i am not able understand how to connect micontroller with pin 1 and pin 9 of l293d means to set the pin enable ,which pins of microcontroller to be connected with those pin1 and pin 9 of l293d ?

i have the images of connections of motor ,battery, programmer and breadboard. i am connecting l293d motor output with microcontroller PORTC pins (PC0…PC3). i have connected pin 8 of l293d with battery. but not able to understand how and where to connect pin1 and pin9 and pin 16 of l293d with the atemega32 on my breadboard ? can anybody help me ?

I am not using adruino.

Just want to know where the connection will go from pin 1 and pin 9 and pin 16 of l293d to atmega32 on breadboard.can any one help me with pictures on breadboard ?

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to a couple PWM pins. If you look for code for robots that use the 293/754410, you will know what pins to use.

Pin 16 on the L293D is the logic voltage pin. Hook it up to your 5V source.