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"The Return of The Son of Richard Gear" - quoting Jax ;)

... Well JAX you said it :)

Here is the latest and greatest in 3D printed gears, now with perfect roundness and accuracy.

Gears! Complete gear set for TB-2 

From TB-X


From TB-X

Yup as good as it get's!

Update - some assembly :) 



From TB-X


From TB-X

Motor label:

From TB-X

Complete track path:

From TB-X

Track links linked:

From TB-X

Need more links :/

From TB-X

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 I printed mine in 25mm/s  and took about 50 minutes or something and without a raft .

... about 1 hour or so as I tend to use real slow settings for these things.

Hey tinhead  ,I printed both sides of the motr gear drive though I think the axis are missing ,I think I have figured out how the gears should be placed but I dont have any kind o f axis to put on at the moment .Also All the motors I had in my salvaged parts box 

had a wider axis and wouldnt fit in any of the wholes of the gears (except the big one but thats not for the motor).

Can you give some guidance on this one ?

For the output gear (the big one with the screw) you need a 4 mm threaded rod. For the intermediary ones you need 2 mm.

Motor shaft should be also 2 mm, those round motors from the tray mechanism in cdrom drives should match.

Got that sucker well dialed in I'd say. Are the gears the same design as flokos posted or is it just an incredible coincidence that they seem to be the same?

Into primting the freacking thing :-) 

Ok here you are , my gears .



We all need gears. Great to see that you have infinite access to them now.
What a great machine you have there.