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12V car battery....errrr no!!!! its a capacitor bank

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In the video he talks about the capacitor "boost packs" not being as good for sustained loads. I'm in the market for new batteries for my backup sump pump and my UPS. I wonder if it is worth trying this out. 

Maybe not, because if the voltage drops too low too quickly, the UPS and sump pump controller will probably complain. Still pretty neat stuff.

Watched the video several times and I never heard you mention the value of the caps you're using, (how many Farads). Also, where are you getting them for $6.00 each? Even the used ones I found on Ebay are still over $20.00 in lots of a dozen. Thanks bunches for posting the video. I'm getting tired of buying gell cells for my big bots and I am seriously thinking about going this route.

Imagine Frits with one of those

I have been using those huge caps for years now as a back-up dump-juice-quick supply for my car stereo systems. They do everything the people selling them say they do --better bass response and a whole lot more gentle on your alternator what the bass is really pounding. On some of my old competition trucks (not SPL, just install/sound quality) I have used as many as 4 of them --up to 20 farad.

What amazes me is the short Re-Charge time of these devils.......

They should be capable of charging as quickly as they discharge as their ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) is only a few mΩ. The limitation is the charging source.

i wonder how small this could be made. would be awesome to ditch the battery in my scooter for this


If you look at the Maxwell website these super-caps come in all sizes. Jaycar in Australia sell ones small enough to fit on a PCB. Not sure how big your scooter is but they have 350F capacitors the size of a "D" cell battery here: http://www.maxwell.com/products/ultracapacitors/products/d-cell-series

Leakage current is about 0.3mA (Max.) so they do hold their charge for a long time.

Thanks for the info oddbot it's a small 50cc scooter it cranks over with a tiny battery so I'll have to give it a try

The capacitor bank has been proven to be better than batteries in performance and cost.  The issue is that when a battery fails it tends to just melt down.   When a capacitor fails it can explode.  Because of possible lawsuits in a lawsuit happy country Capacitors haven't taken the place of batteries.   For a techie like yourself it is a great idea.  I would be curious what a catastrophic failure rate is on the capacitors.   As technology improves they will definitely  be the choice in the future.