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12V car battery....errrr no!!!! its a capacitor bank

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I don't think Maxwell would be recommending these for portable medical equipment in hospitals if they were likely to explode!
The fact is your good old lead acid battery is more likely to explode. I have witnessed this on my uncles farm tractor.

The hinge on the engine bonnet rusted through and the bonnet dropped down to short the battery terminals when he closed it after checking the motor. This not only generated a whole lot of heat and sparks but also hydrogen! My uncle walked away from the tractor, not realizing the problem and then BOOM! Blew the bonnet open and spewed hot acid everywhere!

The fact is these capacitors are designed to be shorted. A 310F "D" cell has a discharge current rating of 250A. If they are going to fail then it will be the then electrolytic in them either leaking or loosing it's insulating ability in which case your leakage current will go up and storage capacity will go down.

Apprentices like to ..... like mess around......

I witnessed a fellow apprentice short out a lead acid car battery (the old type with screw tops on top of the cells)... at that time people would loosen the screws to allow the by_product gasses to escape during charging......

.... Yes you guessed it ....the Hydrogen ignited (from the sparks) and ...."BANG" and the cell screw launched verticaly into the air, hit and smashed a flourescent light tube, glass and powder rained down from the light fitting....... crapped the living daylights out of my collegue.