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12 DOF hexapod kit now sold by SparkFun

The 12 DOF hexapod kit from DAGU is one of the simplest hexapod kits ever! You can buy it from SparkFun here: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11497

Quick and easy to assemble, the body only consist of 12 leg segments, 12 foam rubber feet, 12 servos and a base plate with a hole pattern that allows controllers and sensors to be easily mounted.

The Spider controller (sold seperately) is the easiest, simplest way to get your hexapod moving. It is equivalent to an Arduino Mega (1280) and has a switchmode power supply built in so that your robot can be easily powered from a NiMh or LiPo battery pack with a voltage between 7V - 32V.

Sample code is available that allows the robot to be easily controlled using any IR remote control. Download the manual and sample code from here: https://sites.google.com/site/daguproducts/


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Thanks guys, Spark Fun are really offering them at a good price right now.

Hmmm... I was thinking about a hexapod for my next project, and given I have some Sparkfun gift credit I may give this a purchase :D. Looks really cool OddBot!

Great work, OddBot. The behaviors are outstanding. Gratulation for this rocking US distribution channel.