Let's Make Robots!

smARtDUINO Kickstarter

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Thanks for sharing this! They seem to have thought mostly like I did before I stopped having time to actually pursue my ideas. Yeah, they even use the Yellow color for their boards. Well, I wasn't the first to use yellow anyway, Freeduino was using it first I think. It doesn't matter anyway. This guys have a nice line of products, more that I would have had  from the start up and they are using different connectors, but the main idea is the same, make tiny modules that will plug into a connecting board (I can't say it's a motherboard since it does not have a micro on it). I would have geared the system for robotics, but some of the modules would have been similar, with the addition of the motor driver module and the servo interface module. So yeah, it's cool that someone has thought about this and actually has the time to do it. I am ready to step out from the market for a few years until things settle a bit in my life, then we'll see what will be the trend at that time.