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Start Here Robot Urgent Issue

I began programming my picaxe. I came into some problems...

1) When i ran the servos program (at 75) it only turned a quarter of an inch in that direction.

   a. the servos cant be turned past that direction manually either

2) When I tried running the high and low commands

   a. one wheel turned slightly and stopped

   b. the board went hot so i quickly disconnected it and took out the batteries


The servos issue is beyond me. Does the board getting hot while attempting to run the motors imply there is a short on the board? Back to soldering? (this is my first time and there is a fair chance they suck) What should I resolder in that case and have I destroyed my board?




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you take a clear, focused picture of your solder side? At least we will get some idea of what it looks like rather than just guessing. :)