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I have problem finding were to purchase DIL 330 x 8 Resistor Array chip.

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I love people who think all of LMR is so damn fantastic that we can read their minds, know exactly what part they want, what country they live in and which shop is closest to them!

Well, OK, LMR is pretty fantastic but we are not that good! Please use more than one brain cell when posting questions.

DIP package? Isolated or bussed?SMD? DIL.....you going for  Duel in line? Array? You mean network?

Here is a DIP version-although I have no idea where you are in the world......If USA:


There ya go for a isolated 330 ohm resistor DIP network.

"Arrays" tend to refer to active component packages-containing transistors etc. The devil is in the search details.

I would guess he is talking about the DIP that is found in the PICAXE boards that are suggested to replace the Darlington array that is shipped in that position on the boards.