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Is Kariloy's Cat responsible for Hurricane Sandy?

I was looking over the list of faked Hurricane Sandy photos and found one I had to share:

All it's missing is the soldering loupes!  (We all know she's a good kitty though, with "no murder at all in her" according to Kariloy!)

PS-Instasnopes checked this out and it rated "Fake, BUT AWESOME!"

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Inside the cat  :)



that is an excelent question with a dificult answer...she can be or she can not be....she can be both at the same time...we will only know the right answer when and only when we open the box....

...oh wait...that's a totally different thing :P

...and a new question arose... where did all the beer go?

Right... this is more butterfly effect scaled up becomes kitty effect...

I'd always heard that he chose butterflies over seagulls because the attractor renderings looked more like a butterfly than a bird.


She is pretty! House pets with blue eyes are so rare- just a few types of cats and breeds like huskies. Scratch her behind the ears for me, and the next time you put her in your lap, keep her there one extra minute and tell her it's from me!

But I did kept her in my lap for a while this morning and gave her some petting on behalf of "Uncle Maxhirez" (as I verbally told her :P)

(I can tell by the pixels)

Despite, having no "murder in her" my kitty could have regardless absent mind caused a tornado herself :P

However, she's not a omg-I'm-a-persian-cat-because-in-addition-to-my-long-fur-I-smashed-face-first-against-a-wall like the depicted Mr. Flat Face :P

My cat is way prettier, dumb but pretty... takes it after me... oh wait, no.. ahem... I mean yes,... but regarding the pretty part.