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Help finding cheap bulk X-bee headers

Hey guys, I am really stumped on this one.

I am running low on x-bee headers -- 1x10, 2mm pitch, female. I have done eBay and all the "hot spots" (jameco, goldmine, etc) and can't find these darn things! I have gone through all my email as well as hard-copy invoices and I can't even figure out where I got them the last time. 

I can, of course, find them at retail ($.90 to $1.00 /unit) but I can't seem to find them anywhere in bulk. I want to buy at least a 1000 and they should work out to < $.15/unit --Probably closer to $.05 /unit or so.

Has anyone seen these guys cross their path?

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You could just ask your good friends at DAGU. Even if we don't have them in stock we can add a nice big bulk pack to your next order.
I've been buying the 40 pin strips and cutting them with wire cutters then cleaning the rough edge with a hobby knife. It may not look good enough for production, but it gets the job done. You always sacrifice one socket for every cut though (ie, you'd only get three 10pin headers out of a 40 strip.)

20Pcs 2mm 40 Pin Female Single Row Header Strip http://tinyurl.com/cyxv56m
You can easily get 60 pcs out of that @ $.12 + labor. With your mill you might be able to assemble a device that would chop your strips to the proper size for you.

50Pcs New 2mm 40 Pin Female Single Row Pin Header Strip http://tinyurl.com/d6pzhhd

100Pcs 2mm 40 Pin Female Single Row Pin Header Strip http://tinyurl.com/csbtkpg
3000 pcs @ $.007 + LOTS of labor. :D

Jameco does have them, but, the lowest price they list is for lots of 50 @ $.75 each. I would imagine they might lower their price for lots of 1000, but, I would doubt they would make the $.15 barrier.

digikey $.496 in lots of 1000

NPPN101BFCN-RC seems to be the lowest priced option I have found.
$.48 ea 900+ http://tinyurl.com/bgg4s3v 

Other options: F301-SGP-D024-01, MMS-110-01-L-SV (expensive?)

Page listing suggested options: http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl?id=2018

I seemed to have managed to miss a decently priced find; http://tinyurl.com/c2ue7nl . It looks like about $.20 each in singles. I have no idea what shipping would/will do to that price.

Here is the link to the google search I did for these.