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How to connect microcontroller to PC and program? (microchip.com)


So I'm thinking of getting a new microcontroller, 28 pins, but I'm struggling with how to connect it to my PC and program it. I checked this page http://letsmakerobots.com/node/33335 but couldn't find too much information (except for Picaxe). All I got now (equipment) is the LMR Starter Kit, with the PICAXE board, so I assume it won't work on that one. I saw some sort of Velleman kit that allows programming and testing microcontrollers (serial only, not USB), but I'm hoping it is possible in a cheaper and easier way, like buying a solderless bread board and some wires (and a component to connect the microcontroller to the PC)? Do I have to make my own print plates (I'm a newb)?

Thanks in advance!




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Do you realise the pic16F505 is a 14 pin device. It's just that in your original post you said you were looking at a 28 pin device unless I am mistaken. There is a 28 pin demo board you can buy.
You can do a parametric search at microchip.com to search for chips by number of pins, memory size or features.
Then you need to look at the list of chips that your programmer can flash. I'm not sure if that is the most up to date list I've linked but if you search microchip you will find the current list.
I think the 20 pin demoboard that comes with the pickit2 and the pic16f690 is probably your best first buy though.