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Cnc or 3D printer?

So, this is my problem: Which one should i buy? Tell me pros and cons, like price and complexity. Some of you have knowledgement with these things, and these guys know a lot of these things. But most importan thing: I need something affordable and it can be used to produce robot parts Thanks, BotFIN

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Sorry about that, my keyboard isn't fine!

I would suggest a 3d printer. Simply because a printer can produce more complex parts than a similarly priced mill. For comparison, ChuckCrunch bought a cnc mill for about 1500. He has more X and Y travel, but, his Z is only 50 to 75mm. With a printer, you can print some pretty intricate parts that a 3 axis mill just could not manage. However, you will not be producing the beautiful aluminium parts that Chuck is.

CNC pros . not restricted to just plastic . wood, plastic, aluminum, ect . also PCB's and engraving  , lager bed size

CNC cons, waste lots of materiel, mill ends brake , not very clean , depending on your spindle can be very noise 

3D pros, i don't have one so no comment    

maybe a laser cutter is something you may look into as well