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servo/motor/sensor problems


I have made the start here robot(identical materials) but i have modified it with 4 motor conected in parallel.

the L293D works fine no over heatting at all.

the motors are connected in pairs right side in parallel conected to channel A,leftside in parallel connected to channel B.

On a simple test program i test each iteam seperatly

motors first

the motors go forward,turn right,turn left and reverse,reverse left,reverse right. fine

 disconected motors then run test program for servo an sensor

same with the servo and sensor the detect great and pan left to right very smoothly

when all connected to gether and run on  clean basic program provided (attached)

the motors run and respond to sensor but the servo moves and twitches once sometimes twice then thats it???????????

any ideas



clean_navigation.BAS_robot_2.bas6.02 KB

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It was due to the fact that i didnt have a common ground. that or your batteries might be to weak.

Thanks mixmar

i have charged the batteries ,and tested they are at full power.

so must be common ground:

Common ground is this  just conecting all grounds to same point ie..

servo ground / motor grounds /sensor ground   to one point of ground. (G)



Yes you are correct.Atleast have the servo and microchip using the same ground.

Atleast try that first. let me know it that doesnt work and i can have a look at your basic code.

I want to make a robot with HOME-MADE SENSORS. Please help.