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Rosie Robot III


The base I got from a dealer in MD in lat 1980, the original robot body and motor base was featured in Radio Electronics March of 1986. Dealer said the stripped bases came from pentagon patrolling hallways, It originally had Motorola  6800 and SPI256 speech, Kodak Ultrasonic. Since then I had 8080A controller, 486 PC104, then went to Window laptop serial to a CR167 micro board, presently using 2Ghz laptop 4 USB serial channels to PIC18F2550's Its big and powerful, haul my kids around pulling a wagon in the 1990's. I'm more that happy to share software the code and schematics. Never ending project, need some filters and a better voice recognition mic, but it somewhat works with headset mike. I have all the sensors working now, need to build beacon for finding way to charging base, and develop navigation / waypoint software yet, and the fun stuff, automation situational awareness.

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Cool looking machine! I'd love to get ahold of a base like that.

I may be able to get another one, when I got mine he had 3, I bought 2, sold one in Baltimore Computer / Ham Radio Festival, and a buddie of mine bought the other, Maybe he still has it, I'll check on Monday. I got the base, frame, head, and stepper for head all in one pakage. Thanks



I appreciate you looking into it for me!  Also, welcome to LMR!