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Where should I start with wireless robot-to-computer data transmission?

I'm working on a project where my bot collects some information while traversing a grid. I want to send the findings back to my computer wirelessly as the robot is moving. The range is not far (2-5 metres) and I am on a budget (Up to $20 but the lower the better).

The data I need to relay needs only be three sets of three single digit numbers. I could even condense it to be three 3 digit numbers or one 9 digit number I suppose.

The laptop I'm using does have Blutooth if that turns out to be a possibility. So far all I've found have been really expensive shields and devices that I don't know whether they would interface with my computer or not.

I'm using the Arduino Uno Rev 3 board and I'm quite a beginner. I've still got digital and analog pins to spare so what are my cheapest options to send a few numbers to a program on my computer as the robot is running. I don't have a program currently, I'll have to make one that can take the numbers received and use the data to make a corresponding visual interpretation.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


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