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"Internet controlled" robot. HTTP Interface in a external webserver, comunicates with an Arduino Mega with a Ethernet Shield which controls a Wild Thumper Controller via I2C.

In the future, i will use some sonars and program an IA, put some blades to cut the glass :D

Work in progress!



Soon, i Will post the codes. Both: Arduino Mega and Wild Thumper Controller(some changes to work with I2C)

Some videos:








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Did you ever, or could you if not post the code you mention? Would be helpful for me and probably other trying to do something similar. Thanks. Looks good.

Cool robot.

Yeah I agree with Robot_Apocalypse, could you please show the code? This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for, so I need to nick someone's code. :)

That's amazing! I love the way you implemented this. I made a similar one! Check it out: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/38338 

Hi, cool robot! Congratulation!

I am building something similar, but I dont know how to stream video over network, please can you help me? How are you doing that? :) thanks!

My name is Joseph Caristena
I am a Canadian citizen living in Italy.

I visited your website today.

I need a project to clean sea beaches.

So a robot that runs and works on sand beach
with automatic detection of cans , bottles and any kind of small junk on the

The beach robot should pick up the junk and drop it in a container on the back.

Can you please tell me if this robot is suitable for this mission ?

Joseph Caristena
Mobile +39 349 1456195