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Comments About the Book "Making Things Move"



As someone who has been a contributing author for a fairly popular CAD book, and who has been a technical writer, I am no longer as critical as I used to be before I added authorship to my repertoire of career achievements.

With my background aside, I really do like the book "Making Things Move" by Dustyn Roberts. I would recommend it to anyone who's new to robotics especially if they have little or no background in successfully selecting mechanisms and electronics for authentic projects.

I'm not impressed with most of the "robot kits" out there. I recognize these kits sometimes provide inexpensive, quick introductions into robotic adventures, but I believe many of these kits are too heavily influenced by marketing schemes and in reality, the most challenging journeys begin when projects are created "from scratch." There's something ridiculously satisfying when the four elements are personally defined and discovered through trial and error, where someone experiences real problem solving rather than taking the "paint by numbers" approach resulting from many of these "robot kit" endeavors.

And, that's another reason why I like this book so much. The book contains lots of information that's useful for those who want to do many of the things we do. The information describing how, why, when, and where would fill volumes and would always be in need of constant updating however, this book is a great jump-start for many people, including most of my former high school students who somehow became interested in our world but who, like Hansel & Gretel, were lost without any crumbs because they didn't know basic mechanical and electronic concepts, nor were they easily capable of finding many answers to their questions surrounding sound judgment in physics, motion, control systems, and blah, blah, blah.

And, that's another reason why I like this book - the information is presented in a logical way, using good examples but it's not "too geeky" or lopsided for left-brain-only readers. I applaud the author for sharing her combined experience and love of learning to create this book. After only having it for a few months, I have recommended it to many students and found it useful myself as well.

Thank you for taking time to review my comments - enjoy the book --> LINK