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HC sr04 run on 3 pins with arduino

Just wanna share this(not mine) with everyone. I now have a ping))) arduino code running an HC sr04 on a robot due to this... http://code.google.com/p/arduino-new-ping/wiki/NewPing_Single_Pin_Sketch It's that simple.

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Good to know. :-) I was already wondering if it was possible. Thx. now I only have to write a picbasic version of this code / edit my other code using 4 pins.

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Post it and let us know how it goes! Maybe even a video. My stickbug runs on both ping))) or hc-sr04 with a tiny bit of modification to the code.
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As soon as I have time I will put something on breadboard and give it a try. First I Will try to simply connect these 2 pins together with using same piece of picbasic code. And see what happens. I will let you all know. I only don't fully understand what that condensator will do? How's that supposed to work?
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Nifty. Collected.