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Using PS3 Contollers over Bluetooth

I'm trying to program a robot to drive and perform various functions using a bluetooth device....i can make my own controller with simple buttons to control the robot wirelessly but that doesn't seem nearly as cool. Did a bit of research but couldnt find anything on how to use ps3 or maybe even an xbox controller over bluetooth. Does anyone have any good websites on how to do anything along this line?


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The PS3 controllers with some playing around *can* be used with an arduino over both the USB cable and bluetooth (usually it needs setting up with the USB cable though which may be an issue). The exact protocol is in theory proprietary but many people have done logic probing on them. You didnt specify your microcontroller but once you've tracked down an example on arduino you can usually find the data sheets in order to make it work on something else.





The xbox 360 controllers are far more complex and use a proprietary system again. This system hasn't been made to work with an arduino as far as I know. I know the *wired* 360 controllers work with a raspberry pi (no driver for the wireless reciever) which could then relay the commands either direct via its GPIO or via a bluetooth dongle. Monogame IMO provides the best option for reading controllers but I haven't tried it out on a pi yet (apparently it does work).

I'm using a pic24 controller with MPLab software. I have the bluetooth dongles available just need some info on how to convert signals from ps3 controller. I'll look thorugh those links that you put up but havent found anything yet specific to a PIC.



You probably won't find anything pic specific but should find some info corresponding to the actual protocol used. This seems to have some info that may be useful: http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=PS3_Controller