Let's Make Robots!


Avoids Danger!

This is my Lumi bug. I was poking aroung looking at my favorite robotsand I though hmmmI have all these parts already and should take advantage of Hurricane Sandy's time off.


Love this little guy!

I may improve him or shrink him in the future, for now he is complete.

This is also my first complete robot that recharges and has a tiny arse switch.

Update- 11/19/12

No more breadboard for StickBug! Perfed! 


UnderPerf...it's kinda ugly but works!

Side View. 

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It looks more like a bunny than a bug. When I looked at your photos I just got tips on how to pick up girls. Might be worth posting them properly on LMR.

now they link better. I just cant get them to post direct tot he page. This is better with out ads at the bottom. Sorry OddBot :D If I only had more time!



If you don't need girls the other ad is for working on the gut and building 6 pack abs. I have a lady and abs, never hurts to share!
Great idea. I tried four days in a row to update the pictures...That's the best I could do. Just couldn't get any to post correctly

yes, it's up and running :-)

awesome! you've posted it!....hmm..switch in the arse is not bad compared to ALAN(aka project phoenix) with a charger plug in that same place :P

Hi guy


Nice this little robot! more pictures of the electronic part would be great :


LOL, that's a cool little guy. More pictures and before all others complain, please also take a video and show us how he is running.

I also want to shrink mine and thinking about those micro servos :-) Let's see your idea.

Is the video showing up?