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CrazYshortCircuit micro sumo ( 2 video test )

push other robots out of the ring

Hi all

I introduce you my future micro sumo (5X5X5cm) that is being assembled.

I is not the tool to my circuit board so I did the welding to the old with a lot of wire to connect the components.

The hard part is everything to fit on two miniature circuit without current circuit.





Here are the used element:

-Picaxe 18 M 2


-L7805CV +5V

-SRF 05

-CNY 70 (X 2)
-geared motor solarbotic GM13A
-3 Led 5 mm green yellow and red
-2 x 3.6 V lipo


For a weight of 103 grams. It's bad for the competition!






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Thank you Stephen! It will be soon ready once I finish the programming I will put a video.
The hardest after the size this is the weight to fit into the micro category.
Me I like your project robot balancing act, it's good job

this robot reminds me of a BEAM robot made by Mark tilden...Except his was standalone components

I like the work of Mark Tilden, especially the BEAM.

Nice approach. I especially like the 5x5x5cm and can tell you from experience that's quite small: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32511 and here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31848

You could still save a lot of weight by replacing the standoffs and their nuts with PVC or another light material. Removing the sockets for the Pic and L293 will save another gram as well SMD components, 3mm LED's instead 5mm using thinner wires for those sensors and so on. 

Oh, try to get thinner PCB's for more weight saving since this material is quite heavy.

Do you have more photos of the different PCB's, if so then please let us see them :-) Video....I wonder why nobody else was asking for that...

As you say there is a way to gain weight by using lighter components as well as CMS, but there are more expensive and hard soldering.
I am when even happen to fall below 100 gr (98 / 99 gr) with micro-lipo batteries.
Your links are really interesting, it gives me ideas for later thanks.
The videos for the robot is still in programming, I put one on youtube but it is of poor quality.

http://youtu.be/4rE5u6NCRTw = test line sensor

Well, SMD is tiny, i know :-) But choosing a lighter material for the standoffs and nuts is more easy.

You also can try to drill some material off the motors. The gearbox is brass and you can drill holes in it (not too many and not too big to keep them sturdy) to reduce the weight. I guess you could spare 0.5 to 0.8 gramm if you perform this on both motors.

You can include the video in your page when you copy the link into the video URL field in edit mode. 

I would trim the edges of pcb for less weight, and cool bot!

Thanks for your ideas, I'll be using for my next robot. May be other sumo micro or mini I'll see the available finance...