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Cat Splat!

I mentioned at the end of my tip/walkthrough on making IR obstacle detection sensors that they could be used for tracking an object and it would be great to track the cat with it and shoot it with a waterpistol. So now I'm posting it as a challenge. It's usually difficult to wash a pet anyway (not just cats) so lets make it fun!

Before anyone acusses me of animal cruelity, I like all animals (and some insects) but damn it is funny when a cat or dog is curiously investigating some new object and they get squirted for their trouble.

Make some sort of object tracking system using whatever sensors you have. Use it to aim a waterpistol at any object within a certain range. Video it tracking and squirting a curious pet. It must track the pet prior to and during the squirting to demonstrate your robots hunting ability. The funniest video wins.  It may be a stationary system or a mobile pet squirter.

I used cat splat because it rymed but any pet can compete even if its not yours.

I've had to extend the the challenge to allow for seasonal differences (Petsicles will be disqualified).

SplatBot5__small_.jpgThis is SplatBot MkI. I built him to give anyone interested in this challenge some ideas and prove it can be done easily with a reasonably cheap pump. Admittedly MkI is a bit clumsy with all that weight on top and ended up straining the servo that raises and lowers the cannon. The MkII will have the waterbottle on the chassis and a better IR tracking system, something I still haven't perfected yet.












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Just wanted to share some (maybe helpful) information:

 I live in sweden (no polarbears or penguins, but lots of cold and snow) and we put an alchohol based cleaning fluid in the windshield washer tank, partially to keep it from freezing, but also to help with the cleaning.

However, on the hygienic part I would like to second OddBot's reccomendation about not using them, they are not made from food grade materials, and might release particles into the fluids.

 as a final tip, I would look at something like this:


Hope it helps! (and sorry  for further hijacking the thread, I have no cat, so no splat for me)


Here's the video.

Here's the blatant copy/haste :

Things - Zach Smith Lazzzored a Peristaltic Pump

Things - Zach Smith Lazzzored a Peristaltic Pump from Bre Pettis on Vimeo.

Zach Smith, fellow NYCResistor and Founder of The RepRap Research Foundation decided that for Lazzzorbattle 2008, he wanted to do something cool. In QCAD, he mocked up a peristaltic pump and after about 5 versions, he had it working and the entire design is cut out of 12″ x 12″ x 1/4″ of acrylic!

Peristaltic pumps are used to pump liquids that you don’t want touching any mechanical parts. By squishing a tube, the pump can keep the liquid sterile. These pumps are used in medical situations for pumping blood.

You can go check it out the design on Thingiverse and make your own!

You can watch in HD and for the iPhone. You can subscribe in iTunes. Watch them all on Blip.tv, Vimeo, or Youtube.

Silicone rubber tube is soft and kinks (not pinched) easily.