Let's Make Robots!

Global Domination Robot

Navigates around via ultrasound.

The GDR Mk1 is my first robot.  It operates on the basic concept of the "Let's Get Started" robot here, except I'm using all sorts of different components. 

Lacking the weapons payload and soul-crushing resolve of future planned expansions of the GDR, the Mk 1 just drives around, senses when it's going to hit something and navigates away from obstacles.

Using an Arduino with Mk3 Motorshield for the controls.  The motorshield gives me a good setup for a pair of DC motors, but since the Mk3 is relatively new it was hard to find anything online about how to use it, and I found myself not using the very convenient appearing tinkerkit jacks in favor of plugging my servo and sensors directly into the pins because I'm not smart enough to figure out how those tinkerkit jacks work.

The two DC motors, gears, and wheels I ordered off Pololu.  Very nice, but I've got to watch out with that site so I don't impulse purchase.  Lots of neat stuff.

Instead of an IR sensor like in the tutorial, I bought an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor for like 2 bucks on ebay.  Seems to work great, and I'm not sure why anyone would rather use the more expensive IR sensor from the tutorial.  I guess maybe just because the HC-SR04 takes up an extra pin? (one for signal out and one for signal received).  I don't know, but I'm very happy with what I used.

Entire thing is running off a NiMH 9V.

Update 17 NOV 12:

Added a video of the GDR Mk 1 in action. 

I'm putting together a homemade chassis (a plastic box with wheels attached to the sides) and a turret for the top (smaller plastic box with a pair of servos attached). Still looking for a cheap laser pointer to use for the weapons system on the turret, and I've had to order more servos since the two local radio shacks have servos in their inventories, but can't find them.  When I move my components to the new chassis and add the turret/weapon system that will be the GDR Mk 2 model.

GDR model plans:

  - Mk 1: As you see in video, just a navigating robot

  - Mk 2: Simple navigating robot that occasionally stops, pans turret around and fires "weapon"

  - Mk 3: Upgrade navigation to go to move to a specific location and "guard" (would love input on the best method for this.  GPS?) once in position will scan with ultrasonic sensor and when object/person approaches will target and fire on them (may move sensor to same place as laser on turret so that it will be aiming at whatever triggers the motion sensor)

  - Mk 4: Upgrade size of chassis (with an old scooter or golf cart?) and replace laser pointer with an airsoft or paintball gun.

Update, 21 NOV 12:

I have recycled the components of the GDR Mk1 into the GDR Mk2.  I'm marking this one as "Complete".