Let's Make Robots!


I am working on what is probably the easiest robot in the world, and i almost have it done. this took longer than expected because i added a switch to it.i cant get an image just yet, because it fell off of my bookshelf. srry

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I remember watching this video on swarmbots from Nick. about a minute into the video they show a working prototype moving around the tip of a blue pen on three small legs. Each leg is a bristlebot and by changeing the vibrations in the legs they can control its movement. Might be fun to try an autonomous bristlebot.
  I salvaged it from a really old computer and thought it would look cool as a base (it doesn't do anything it just looks cool :)~Matt
if everyone were worms, try to be a glow worm
I forgot to mrntion that most of mine are made using sweeping brushes and 'normal' motors with a wheel with a weight added to one side. they are usually cheaper than toothbrushes with pager motors, are easier to modify and less fiddly to work with.

these are the most fun to make when you dont have any money :)

I ran out of pager motors so I just used a zip tie as the counter wieght  it works great :)104_0473.jpg~Matt

where did you get that battery housing?

 I salvaged it from an old motherboard, it was the system battery.


I made seven so far, and I have a video somewhere on my computer of all 7 in an enclosed wooden "arena" and me turning them all on at once, it looks pretty cool.

One two of them I added an OpAmp and 1 bumper switch so that when it touches something it completely stops


I've been collecting old cellphones to pillage vibration motors from in hopes of building a bristlebot army!

Would love to see pics of yours ;) 

bristlebots are amazing!! I have made about 5 myself!! have fun with yours