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Simple Encoder Kit

DAGU is now releasing a simple, low cost, encoder kit. This kit consist of two hall effect sensors and two 8-pole nedymium magnets with rubber hubs. The rubber hubs will easily push onto most motor shafts or a small screw.

The hall effect sensor will work with any voltage from 3V to 24V and has built in "reverse polarity" protection. The output is open drain making voltage translation as simple as a pullup resistor. Arduino processors have built in pullup resistors allowing the sensor to connect directly to the processor.

The magnets have 4 north poles, 4 south poles and are strong enough to be detected by the sensor at distances of 3mm (1/8th Inch) or more. This means that you do not need your sensor to be precisely aligned with the magnet for the sensor to work.  This makes it easy to attach your sensors with cable ties, double sided tape or a dab of hot glue.

Best of all, they are wired up with a standard servo cable and header. Normal servo cable extention leads can be used if longer cables are required. These sensors will plug directly into a Magician or Spider controller with no voltage translation circuitry required.

All up this is the easiest, simplest way to add encoders to a motor, gearbox or robotic appendage!

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