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Holiday 2012 Gift Guide: Aerial Drones

Make Magazine asked me to write a short online gift buying guide on aerial drones. I really didn't know much about the topic going in, but a lot of research later, and here is the Holiday 2012 Gift Guide: Aerial Drones.

I want to thank everyone who commented or emailed me input. I really, really appreciated it!

Original Post:

I've been asked to write a short online gift buying guide on aerial drones. I only have a couple of days to do it, so any advice is appreciated.

I'm taking the approach of classifying gifts as follows. Any suggestions on other categories or ideas for good aerial drone related gifts would be appreciated.

For the Toy and Gadget Loving Crowd 

For the DIY Folks

For the Budget Conscious

Other Accessories

  • Research TBD

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As you know Andrew/Ignoblegnome - I just purchased 4 of the UDI U816 - It's very impressive for it's size. Actually even if it was bigger!

And erh.. the moment I am writing this, vidoes are not showing in forum posts (LMRv3 server upgrade hickup), but this post:


would have this video in it - and that appears to be the best setup for a DIY IMO :)

Thanks, Frits! 

You could add the quadcopters that hobbyking carries like the Walkera QR Ladybird V2 Ultra Micro Quadcopter RTF (Mode 2) ,the Mini Beetle Quadcopter RTF (Mode 1) and the Turnigy Micro Quad V2 PNP ARTF Includes KK2.0 LCD Flight Control Board . Haven't tried them but I am planning to try!


Thanks! I'll take a look. 

Seems like the market is exploding with small quadcopters.