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Balanceiser - Yet another balancer robot

Ok here I will be tracking my attempt to make a balance robot .

Some photos from a raw sketch model I made in sketch up follows .

Ok here it is .

I will use a wii nunchuck as an accelometer and further input .

2 futaba standard continue rotation servos from parallax .

an arduino duemilanove , a breadboard ,lots of wire and

some custom made brackets for the servos and the nunchuck on the top of the bot .

I will update the blog when I have some results .

update(15/11/2012):I designed the servos bracket .

Sketch follows .


Next thing on the list is to print the bracket .

update(16/11/2012) I decided to use an already designed bracket that suits me so 

this is it .

And here it is on the base of the robot .

I may need to buy some bigger wheels .

Next is to print the secont bracket and put it on the other side of the base.

update(17/11/2012) Second bracket added on the base .

Next thing is to put some support to the brackets so they are anigned with base .

Propably a pice of wood or metal .

update(23/11/2012):support added .

Here is the bot with the support added.



update(25/11/2012)Main body of the robot is ready electronics and programming are to be done next .

update(29/11/2012) Arduino added and wiring is done .

Thats it for now ,hope you like it . :)

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Tried to collect but getting a 200 error on an iPad O_o. Anyhow, looks good and like fun. Hope the servos work, I keep thinking the servos are just too slow for my attempts so far for recovery past a few degrees. Of course I haven't installed the gyro/accel unit yet, still playing with an Ir sensor. At least there is quite a bit of example code for the ardruino. My two cents is just try a complementary filter if you mix gyro/accel instal of trying to make sense of a Kalman.
Looking forward to updates!