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Balanceiser - Yet another balancer robot

Ok here I will be tracking my attempt to make a balance robot .

Some photos from a raw sketch model I made in sketch up follows .

Ok here it is .

I will use a wii nunchuck as an accelometer and further input .

2 futaba standard continue rotation servos from parallax .

an arduino duemilanove , a breadboard ,lots of wire and

some custom made brackets for the servos and the nunchuck on the top of the bot .

I will update the blog when I have some results .

update(15/11/2012):I designed the servos bracket .

Sketch follows .


Next thing on the list is to print the bracket .

update(16/11/2012) I decided to use an already designed bracket that suits me so 

this is it .

And here it is on the base of the robot .

I may need to buy some bigger wheels .

Next is to print the secont bracket and put it on the other side of the base.

update(17/11/2012) Second bracket added on the base .

Next thing is to put some support to the brackets so they are anigned with base .

Propably a pice of wood or metal .

update(23/11/2012):support added .

Here is the bot with the support added.



update(25/11/2012)Main body of the robot is ready electronics and programming are to be done next .

update(29/11/2012) Arduino added and wiring is done .

Thats it for now ,hope you like it . :)

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Well I do have some steppers too but never got them working they are from rs .


Ok here it is I designed the bracket for the servos in sketchup put it in blender to export it in stl but theres must be something going on

with the solidity of the object cause every time I tried to print something I deisgned it gets bad .

Any suggestion onw how to solve this one ?

I use this plugin http://www.guitar-list.com/download-software/convert-sketchup-skp-files-dxf-or-stl to export STL files directly from SketchUp... I get a file, but since I don't any printer to use it further I'm not vouch for it 100%

However it may be useful if you check that your object is considered a solid (no leaks) in SketchUp, if in your object info box appears a volume... you have a solid, otherwise... there's leaks... a plugin to help you find those leaks might be useful too.


do you have something to suggest on the leaks plugin thingy?

post a link to your object? I would like to run it through a couple of programs I have been pointed at to see what they say about the solidity.

dont know how to post it lmr only take photos .

post a link to the hosted file. Dropbox is one option.

By the looks of your renders, you have a bunch of faces that are reversed. All the faces that are a "blueish hue" are faces that you are actually looking at the wrong side of. Inside out, as it were. To remedy the problem, you need to right click the backwards face and select "reverse face" it should instantly turn white or a very light grey.

Another common problem of solidity in sketch-up is a face that is actually inside your model. You need to remove all those as well. First, delete a large face so you can have a look inside (you can press "x" to make the model transparent, but you still won't be able to select the face.) If there is a face inside the model select it, delete it, and draw a line on the perimeter of the face you deleted to fill in the hole.

Hope this helps. Your models look good.


thanks that really helped me :)