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LMR Post Card Wall

In 2009 Frits started a "Scrap Book" forum where we could post links when another website featured an LMR robot. Now I think LMR needs a postcard wall where we can post photos of LMR members meeting each other (such as the campus party) and even a photo or two when we are on vacation in some  exotic place.

To start the ball rolling here is Lumi, Markus and myself in Shanghai where I could actually get an Aussie burger and VB beer. I have reduced the photo to fit. let's see more photos of members from around the world meeting through LMR.


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Caught up with Todocono (Rudi) in ZhongShan and checked out a new restaurant.

My wife, my daughter and me @ Phuket, Thailand...

It'll be nice if we have this and our workshop page in the quick links?

NY 2012 :







CP Berlin 2012

i've seen that man on the right  somewhere!