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Walks around, soon avoids objects
bonniecircle.bas975 bytes

Inspired by some other 4 servo bipeds on LMR I decided to make my own. I had to name it Bonnie, because my other walking robot was named Clyde. Bonnie was just slapped together using my usual super high quallity manufacturing methods, eg hot glue and lego. The circut board is one I ripped off one of my other robots not yet posted on LMR, the big long female connecter was for connecting to a L298 motor control board, and is not used in this design. As of now, I only have her walking forward, but soon she will have some bumper sensors on her feet, and will avoid objects.

UPDATE 11/19/12======================================================================

I worked on bonnie a bit this weekend, put a heatsink on her voltage regulator after I burnt myself when I touched it after a little opperation.

I also beefed up her ankle joints a little after the front ones broke with some use.

and lastly, I got her turning, see the video.


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Good job. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

It was just thrown together in an evening as a distraction from the other robot I am working on, GPS, it is always nice to have something work and do what you want in a short time when you are building such a large project. :)

nice job! Have you seen fristl's three servo biped? this robot's locomotion reminds me of it, the sort of 'waddle'. (:

Thanks :) noo, I hadn't seen Frits's biped till now, it looks very cool :)

Very awesome!  Gotta love these little guys (or gals)

Seeing as the embedded video seems to be down, here are the links to the viedos

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAVV7Sz5QuE&feature=plcp the one I already had up

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBImpBrJUQ4&feature=plcp the new one, she turns :)