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Hello again everyone, my name is chickenparmi.

As suggested by ChuckCrunch I am making this blog post to give you a brief explanation of my past experience/knowledge in robotics and all the things I have made. I will post all my old stuff in this blog and stuff that I dont think to be worthy of a robot post as to avoid post spam.

At this current time I am 17 years old and have just finished Year 12. I have applied for a Robotics degree at a University and am awaiting my results to see wether I will be accepted, I am hoping that I get in and am be constantly told that I should get in so fingers crossed.

So I guess the next part of this will go through everything I have learned in consequential order.

I started dabbling with the idea of programming at 13 years old. I was interested in game design and began making small games with the Game Maker 7 program. I contuined with it making more sophisticated games such as top down shooters and platformers, I did learn a lot about how programming worked but as such never really wrote code, only used the drag and drop feature to accomplish a block design programming structure. I have made a quick video documenting all my games here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej1dCtNEM0A&feature=plcp.

When I was 14  I bought a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit from a lego shop because my interest in robotics was increasing. I really liked the idea of the NXT and always built some cool stuff but I could never really get to grips with the programming interface and I never really made anything very complicated. I played with it for a few years until I lost my interest in it and sold it.

During this stage, "grumpy teenager" stage, I was depressed a lot and always had to wear fake smiles and such, as much as I didnt like this stage in my life I felt it helped develop me as a person and has made me better, if that makes any sense. I played lots of computer games and did hardly any homework, my grades started to drop and I lost a lot of self confidence.

Only this year have I got my act together and started working harder with school, my grades have risen again and my outlook on life is much better. This year I completed Information Technology stage 2 and very confident I got a very good grade. I programmed in Actionscript and dabbled with HTML and relational databases. Most things learnt in this class I already knew but it helped me to understand exactly how the internet worked and how we transfer information and such. I have always been good with computers and learnt how to assemble them at 14, I have built my own computer and upgrade it often to keep up with the times. I am a very fast learner with computers and can generally work out how to do things for myself. 

A few months ago I was browsing YouTube when I came across Make Magazine and the videos frits did in the "Whats new in hobby robotics" series and it got me interested in robotics again, I kept note of the letsmakerobots site and did some more researching. I came across lots of videos about arduino and all the cool things people were making with them so I did some research on what exactly an Arduino was. I decided it was time to get back into my passion of robotics and buy an Arduino Uno and a starter kit sold on eBay.

From the moment it came in the post I've fallen in love with the Arduino and have taken very well to the programming language. I decided I would like to document everything I make so I can look back and see how much I've progressed and where I have come from. 4 months ago I posted my first project on YouTube, it was a modification of the melody program made to play the imperial march, I didnt know hardly anything about coding so I missed the sharps and the timing was all off but it was a start. Every thing I have made since then has documented and all the codes have been saved. I will post all decent things I have made at the end of this post.

So in summary these are the things that I can do/know:

Languages that I have used:

  • GML
  • Actionscript
  • GlovePIE
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Arduino 
  • Processing

Things I understand:

  • Piezzo buzzers
  • LED's
  • Infra Red operation
  • Photo-resistors
  • Servos
  • Buttons
  • Serial communication
  • UDP packets
  • Accelerometer sensor
  • PWM
  • DC motor control

4 Legged robot hopper frog thing:


Cardboard humanoid chassis thing:


Crawling zombie/snake thing:


Cardboard animatronic head with voice recognition:


Drum playing robot:


Halloween stuff:



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welcome to RBB mr. parmi :)

Thankyou very much :)

I have to say for the short amount of time Ive been here I too feel the same way about the LMR community. The people on this site are exactly the friends im looking for :)  That also is quite a list! 

there so awesome , also fell in love with them . looking into the video stuff for processing it's a lot simpler than i ever thought and fun as.

nice list of languages. what are mine

  • Qbasic
  • Pbasic( parallax basic stamp)
  • Arduino C
  • Processing ,
  • PicAxe basic

nothing to complex just robot languages . the last 3 were in the last year and a half ,

LMR exposed me to so much new stuff wile i have been hear and it gives me / us a place to show off the robots we create to people who actuality know something about robots, unlike my friends who know very little about robots so i don't bother showing them . so im grateful to LMR for that other wise no one would ever see them like the first 15 years of messing with robots