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Clock speeds

" 16 Mhz "- What does this mean? how is this different to a 100Mhz processer?

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Hertz just means the number of times per second that something happens. 1 MHz means 1000 times a second. In terms of electronic signals it means that a clock on which the system depends sends a square wave through one high and one low edge completely that many times a second, and your processor generally changes state (executes one machine language operation) per square wave (per thread) on that clock. So a 16 MHz processor can go through 16000 states per second and a 100 MHz machine can do 100000 states. IBM has a machine that can do close to 70000000 states per second currently. This isn't a perfect representation of what's going on and clock speeds as a measure of processor power can be manipulated, but it gives you a general idea of what the terms mean.