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Webcam interface with button listener and settings menu

Saw this on my buddy's email. he's a freelance programmer, someone asked him to make this... i think it's an awesome idea. gonna learn to program just to make it (my buddy will charge me an arm and a leg to give me a copy when he's done, and he'll register it as freeware). what do you think?


Webcam interface (must be able to enter “full screen” mode)

User must be able to enter settings menu

Program must communicate with serial/COM port (COM port predetermined by user)

User must be able to select buttons to be listened for by the program, and what the program should do in the event the button is pressed (i.e. User selects button/key “a” to be listened for, and selects that the program must communicate with serial, and send a letter/number to serial, such as “9” or “P”, when button/key “a” is pressed, the program must send the number 9 or the letter P to the selected com port)

User must be able to save and load settings

User must be able to use mouse axis as a button

User must be able to set Baud rate

The program must send an “idle” value to the com port (value predetermined by user) when the user doesn’t have any buttons/keys pressed.


The program is actually very simple. It should send a constant data stream to the com port of either the idle value, or the value of the button pressed, while displaying whatever’s on the webcam on screen.