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My first something

Follow light, bump into walls and beeps and blinks

Hi -

I made this mostly wooden bot in 2006. I used a couple of small scrap motors. Maybe I had them from tape recorders. As I had no experience I started without gearing. That made some marks at the baseboards. I added some gears, but it was never very successful. 

I used the L293 Quadruple Half-Drivers. I also use a voltage regulator. To save pins, the 3 bumpers are connected thru resistors and read by an analog pin.


The motors could just be turned on and off in forward or reverse direction. So the behavior was a very hectic. But I got a lot of experience and had some fun to.


I took some hard bumps into the wall. The wiring on the bottom of the board came loose and this little something was retired. 


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Cool stuff, not take the retired components and build another one :-) great idea with the R-bridge to separate those 3 sensors...