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Version one of the Lunchmeat bot.115.22 KB

This guy is my first real foray into robotics. He's made from an Oscar Meyer Lunchmeat container, some wheels and motors ripped from one of my son's broken RC cars, a Tamiya gear box, and a swivel wheel off of the white stackable containers you can get at Wal-Mart.


I'm still working on the code and logic. I'm also having an issue with the jumper wires breaking, perhaps I need to find something more sturdy to use (any suggestions?).

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Cool, gotta love robots made using lunch boxes.

I am not sure why you have jumper wires breaking. Are you using them for skipping ropes or are you trying to draw huge AMPS from tiny wires????

Tamiya gearboxes are great but perhaps you need to provide more information about your choice of motors, batteries and motor controller!


The gearbox is a Tamiya 4 speed independent rotation gearbox, the motors were originally from an RC car, but were replaced with the newer ones that came with the gearbox.  The whole thing is powered with a dc power connector hooked to a 9v battery. 

I think i'm using them for jump ropes at this point.  They are the Radioshack breadboard jumper wires, and apparently must not be made very well since the stripped ends keep snapping off at the first opportunity.  I've had probably 10 wires do that already.