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MSP430 Line Follower

Follows a line
main.pdf39.48 KB

This is a line follower that uses a MSP430G2553 16 bit microcontroller and a L293d motor driver. There are 5 cny70 analog infrared sensors that feed the value to the 10 bit adc on the microcontroller. I have implemented a PID routine mixed in with some random control logic. Faster motors are currently on the way which will make it go twice as fast.

I attached the main.c source code if anyone is interested.

Link to video if site not working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf13Ptlydhg

Future improvements:

  • Lipo battery instead of 9volt
  • Fuzzy logic instead of PID

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Great work! 

Looking good there Crackers, with motors that are twice as fast this will really be something speedy!

I see your cat is as good at helping test robots as mine is =)

cool project, and always good to see folks playing with the 430. Was there any reason why you chose to use the adc as opposed to using a high/low signal for the line sensors?

Hi. Can I ask for the circuit diagram of the whole robot? Thanks. I want to make one. That is very nice! Thank you!