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WTC - 5v output

I'm start using the 5v output from Wild Thumper Controller to feed a wi-fi camera.

The camera use a maximum of 2A, and the WTC manual sais this output may feed 5A (ok, in servos, but I think I can use to power other devices). However, when I start the motors(I measured about 12A), the camera "reboots", seems like low power.

That's normal in WTC, or may I do something wrong?

I don't think it's a battery problem, I'm use a 7.4v LiPo tagged as 30C.

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OddBot, you solved the puzzle.

I replaced the camera power cable with one shorter and make sure to pass away from motors and the big fat battery power cable. And works.


Thanks :D

The only other thing is to check that you have good thick wires going to the battery inputs of the WTC and that all connections between the WTC and the battery (including the power switch) are rated for 25A.

Make sure your camera cable is sheilded and not too close to the motor or power cables otherwise induction could be reseting the camera.

Sounds like noise or a short voltage drop is causing the camera to reboot. I would add a big electrolytic capacitor (+1000µF) on the 5V line and see if that helps.