Let's Make Robots!



So I've got myself this PICKit2 and looked at the 12 examples in the guide, but I'm wondering how to program in C instead of assembler language, because of having more experience with C-like language than with assembler language.

I've found a tutorial on the internet, but it's from an older version of MPLAB, so I can't follow too much with the settings being different.


I've just made a source file with just a small main like this (using a PIC16F690):

#include <p16F690.h>

void main()


and it gives a building error because it can't find the file to include, and I can't seem to find the include directory anywhere either.

Here's the link of the tutorial btw: http://www.pic18f.com/18f4550-c-tutorial/2009/11/16/tutorial-4-hello-world-program-in-c/

Does anyone have experience with this? Or knows where to find a better toturial?

Thanks in advance!