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Australian supplier for XBee Adaptor


I'm looking to interface a 1mW XBee to my Dagu Spider. It seems that the most recommended adaptors are the Adafruit XBee Adaptor Kit or the Parallax SIP XBee Adaptor. I can't find any local suppliers here in Australia who sell either of these.

The Sparkfun XBee Explorer Regulated is readily available but it doesn't appear to do any real level shifting on the signal pins (just the supply voltage).

Does anyone know of any Australian supplier who carries the Adafruit or the Parallax?





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I ordered a couple of adapters from Adafruit and selected the cheap postage. Probably the wrong time of the year to order stuff from the other side of the planet, but we'll see.

Thanks for your suggestions, merser.


I had a look on Adafruit's Distributor page and the closest listed is in NZ and they don't list the device, anyway. But I will contact them and ask about Australia. I'll probably order a couple from the US anyway - they actually offer a cheap postage via USPS (but probably slow, from experience). Looks like with an FTDI cable, they can do double duty and interface either to the microcontroller or PC. 

And you're right, of course, about making one myself. I am making a mountain out of a molehill. In the meantime, I'll probably buy the Sparkfun board. It looks like all the XBee pins are broken out, so it should be straightforward to add some level conversion (as long as I can keep the wires short enough). Jaycar doesn't seem to keep the 74AHC125N  which AdaFruit uses but they carry the CD4050BC. It's datasheet says that it is voltage tolerant so it "might" do the same job if its switching times aren't too slow.

Hi merser,

I buy a lot of stuff from those guys. Despite what the instructions say, it doesn't appear that the Explorer does any proper signal conditioning. There's a long thread of posts on the Sparkfun site complaining about that. The schematic just shows a diode on DIN and that's about it.

I guess if I can't find one in Australia, I'll just order direct and wait for the pony express to deliver it.



Yes even though the description says the sparkfun product handles signal conditioning I can see the difference to the adafruit one and why you prefer it. Have you thought of asking adafruit if they have a distributor here that can supply one?
Failing that you could always make your own. All the information is available on adafruits website. Including the schematic and bom.

How about the sparkfun Xbee explorer. It looks like it does what you want. You can get it here or here.