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Make your own ink jet silver conductive fluid

Nurdrage shows how to make a silver solution that an ink jet printer can use..... yikes that's an exciting prospect....

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GroG's picture

You 2 guys should get to-gether and build a 3D Circuit Printer...
In my head I can see a high precision layer of conductive and non-conductive material being layed down quickly

Then components being dropped in with layers being built up and around the high-density surface mount ICs...

If you can imagine this, you could think of the complexity & density this 3D SBC computer would be fantastic if the pick & place  could make .005 traces - The connectors could be moulded into the structure, power, usb, etc.

Like slicing a computer sbc board into bits - folding all the bits so they still work but are a N layer board the size of a cube...

Kind of like THIS ! ....but super small ;D 

Gareth's picture

I am an expert @ refilling ink cartridges, so i would be in for construct... Cooking the construction would a challenge though. Less conductive ink tank could place resistive paths.

hoff70's picture

Exciting indeed!