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Glue gun: Pros and Cons


sticks well


easy to use



kinda dangerous...got burned several times...

some are very flimsy, so be careful

may be frustrating

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Glue guns like Soldering you must heat up what you’re gluing. Smooth plastics, Plastic coated cardboard …. With a little blob of Glue Dig the Glue Gun Tip in and let it heat up for a minute or so and then glue it.


Here's a glue-gun mod I posted on Instructables to make it controllable using a dimmer switch.

(It still hurts like a b*st*rd when you get glue on your fingers, but not quite so much and for not quite so long. #;¬)

Why not just buy one of these? I've used it to cool a cheap soldering iron in a pinch.

Lamp Dimmer Cord

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I am missing one particular member here :-)))

I am using hotglue and i stand for it. As already said, for quick prototyping, filling gaps and all sort of other applications, hotglue is a good choice.

However, there are some applications where I would not use it for a better appearance.



|__I could not live without my hot glue sticks and the glue heater/dispenser!


|__I would say the same for the other twelve . . . excuse me, thirteeen adhesives in my cabinet - each has pros/cons.




Regarding the danger...

For many purposes, a low temperature glue gun may do the trick. I have several and use them with kids. Unless I specifically need a higher temperature glue, I always use the low temp ones for reduced ouchies (I've burned myself too).