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Can Arduino RBBB programmed wirelesly by wixel?

I have an arduino rbbb for my robot and i want to upload sketches wirelesly via wixel and wixel shield.. I am asking because at the description of wixel-shield says that it will not work with arduino Leonardo.. and i am wondering if that also happens with rbbb. It's not an official arduino so that's maybe the reason why it is not mentioned if they are not compatible. Any suggestions would be very helpfull.. thank you!


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1. What programmer??  -  we are talking about how to wire the Wixel up to your RBBB.

2. The baud rate depends on what board you select in the Arduino IDE.

my mistake.. i thaught you ment something else. ok i will try it to work..

thank you for your answer!

There are many Arduino compatible boards. If they were to mention every compatible controller then they would have to add a few extra pages to the manual.

If you want to upload sketches wirelessly, it does not matter if you are using a Wixel, an Xbee or anyother transceiver you will still need to make sure that:

  1. The transceiver connected to your Arduino compatible board can trigger the reset when you upload a new sketch.
  2. That your transceivers baud rate matches the baud rate used to upload sketches for that board.

1. i understand that is something that is up to the programmer. So i guess i will try it

2. i know that for the wixel the stats are these:

  • Frequency: 2400 – 2483.5 MHz
  • Bit rate: programmable, up to 350 kbps
  • Effective data rate: up to 10 KB/s

what is the baud rate?

for the RBBB i read somewhere tha the baud rate is 9600..

So if you can help me a little more..  Thank you!

the Leonardo is not your standard arduino 8bit uC? The wixel shield may not work with the Leonardo due to a lack of a library for it.

i don't understand very well what you mean by saying standard.. My arduino is RBBB and i wanted to ask if anyone has tried it, or knows that it's not compatible with wixel

For some reason, I was thinking the Leonardo was the ARM based variant. Ignore my comment. :)

it's ok. thanx anyway..