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IR sensors connections

Hello guys....just beginning to work with arduino and am learning many things. Please explain me how to  control the output of the IR sensors. How can i find out the Vcc, Ground and output. Please also explain these terms to me. I have uploaded a pic. And i am using 5 sensors so how can i create a common power source for all through the arduino board? thankyou guys.IR sensors TX and RX

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it has been decided that the receivers are TSOP17xx. Where the xx stands for the frequency that the receiver will recognize at the longest distance. There are 4 options; 30kHz, 36kHz, 38kHz, and 50kHz. You will need to find out what frequency your receivers will respond to first.

That will require you to blink an IR LED at the 4 different freqencies and try to get the receiver as far away as possible from the LED. Until you answer that question, you are kinda, well, stuck. :)