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Happy St. Andrew's Day

I'm not what you'd call "religiously observant" but there aren't many holidays that apply specifically to robots or geeks (unless you count Bender's "Robonukkah," which some fans have placed in February and which I'll be sure to bring up around then, possibly with fembots wrestling in petroleum oil.)  So wired.com honored the long list of Scottish inventors in today's "This Day in Tech."

Of special note for hackers/open sourcers is this entry (directly quoted from article):

Patrick Bell: This Church of Scotland minister invented the reaping machine, but refused to patent his horse-powered agricultural device, because he wanted mankind to benefit freely.

Of course I was just scanning this when I first read the article and had to go back over this line when I misread it and thought that it was claiming Rev. Bell had created some sort of device for sexually assaulting horses.

Not to promote one nationality over any other-we are an international community after all, and even if I have been pestering DanM with questions about being Scots (out of interest in my own genetic cultural heritage) we are both American citizens (...I think.)  As I mentioned when I'm on LMR, I am a subject of the nation of Nerdistan.  Still, there's a reason that Scottsmen have a reputation for being engineers...

...whom, I notice, was conveniently left off the list.

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Hey!  I just realized, St Andrew's Day? 

They must have named that after ignoblegnome.  I mean its wayyyyyyyy too much of a coincidence that it's called St Andrew's Day AND his first name is Andrew right?

How come there is no St Hal's Day or St Max's Day?

As for Oddbot, there are so many Catholic saints kicking around out there, I bet there is a St Russell in the mix somewhere.

I am going to look into this....



Well, I'm not Scottish, but I am an engineer who likes Scots whiskey. 

I'll take it.

I've got my saint day in the Orthodox calendar, so I'm fine. The date is: November 8th, saints Michael and Gabriel.

Ah yes, Scottie, the engineer many of us first came to know and love.

Interestingly I work with a software engineer who is of Scottish descent.  He is brilliant, stoic, with a charmly dry sense of humor and as stubborn as a rock when it comes to doing things his way.